Ad War Update

The RNC gets sanctimonious: 

Matt Lewis still worries that Obama is too cool. Allahpundit complicates the contrast: 

Supposedly, [Romney]’s already considering an appearance on SNL. The only reason he might not do it is if, per this ad, he and his team decide to try to use Obama’s likability advantage against him by portraying him as frivolous and disengaged. That’s hard to do with an incumbent, though; voters see Obama at work in one format or another virtually every day. 

Obama's Super PAC joins forces with the League of Conservation Voters to tie Romney to big oil: 

As usual, Alex Burns has more:

That message lines up with the Obama campaign’s recent TV ads, casting Romney as a puppet of energy barons that have anted up heavily for Republican outside groups. It amplifies Democratic efforts both to paint Romney as a friend of big-money interests, and to preempt a Republican attempt to pin the White House with blame for high fuel prices. The partnership between Priorities and LCV is worth watching, since working together on initiatives of common interest is one way that Democratic-aligned independent groups could help compensate for the financial advantage of their GOP counterparts.

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