Obama And Romney Agree, For Once

Like Obama, Romney says he supports keeping rates low on student loans, a position the Obama campaign claims is inconsistent with Romney's support of the Paul Ryan budget:

Daniel Stone sees Romney's new position as tacking to the center:

At stake now are undecided independents. Student loans may be the perfect issue to test that water. The rate increase would affect about 7 million students, a small fraction of the electorate, which historically isn’t very vocal in elections. In some ways it’s chump change–extending the low rate will cost the government $6 billion–but in a year framed by debates over spending, any money saved or spent is significant.

Ezra Klein isn't sure that Congress will be able to act:

We've got a lot of questionable priorities in this country. But helping kids afford higher education really isn't one of them. That's why this is, as far as I can tell, the first legislative issue of the campaign in which Obama and Romney have actually agreed. The question is whether that'll be enough.