The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 25 2012 @ 10:35pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew debuted his new theories of Palin, tracked the "anti-abortion frenzy" in the state legislatures, found the ad he'd been waiting for, discovered Obama was a dishead, and waited for the VFYWhite House. We ran down Romney's poor primary showings, debated Romney and Obama on foreign policy, pointed to an area of agreement between the two candidates, and listened to Obama slow jam the news. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also reexplained his position on stimulus and debt in light of the UK's double-dip, watched the fighting surrounding the Murdoch scandal in Britain, compared the IDF's Chief of Staff to neoconservatives on Iran, and defended his claim that (right now) more violence was comitted in the name of Islam than the other monotheistic religions. We read a polemic on misogyny in the Arab world (follow-up here), delved into the history of negotiations with Iran, learned about Chinese "forumers," watched Germany attempt to neuter Mein Kampf by republishing it, and saw foreign bureaus dwindle away. Genesis didn't support anti-gay interpretations and the Vatican reembraced ant-Semites.

We also debated the importance of inequality, wondered if California would nix the death penalty, celebrated trial and error policymaking in America, understood Netflix as a utility, and examined whether lunch breaks were good for workers. Dogs altered our evolution, fertility mattered to animals, and humans created new baby rituals. Twitter ruined TV, title sequences impressed, and catchphrases didn't. Physics beat a ticket, "trashcam" photos wowed, and a Russian copyrighted his beard. Ask Spencer Ackerman Anything here, Quote for the Day here, Von Hoffman Nominee here, Yglesias Nominee here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.