The Israeli Military vs The Neocons

I'm beginning to worry that the real problem with Netanyahu is that he has more in common with American neocons than Israeli generals. Here's the latest in what Jeffrey Goldberg has described as the existential threat haunting Israelis like a potential Second Shoah:

So far, Israel and Washington do not believe that Tehran has actually taken the decision to develop a nuclear bomb, a decision which would require the ability to quickly produce weapons-grade uranium.

“In my opinion, he would be making a huge mistake if he does so, and I don’t think he will want to go the extra mile,” [Israel’s military chief] Benny Gantz said, referring to Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who is the final authority on all national issues. The Iranian leadership was made up of “very rational people,” he said, and the international regime of hard-hitting sanctions was “starting to bear fruit.”

It's worth recalling that many in the Israeli military leadership thought the war against Saddam was nuts.