The Vatican vs American Nuns, Ctd

Peter Popham believes that Benedict is returning to form:

So far Pope Benedict has not been as ferocious a pope as many liberal Catholics feared. Soon after his election he hinted at one reason for that, in a remark to a dinner companion: “It was easy to know the doctrine,” he said. “It is much more difficult to help a billion people live it.” Another reason is that the priest-pedophilia scandal, which has generated vast problems for the church, forced him onto the back foot. But for anyone who dreamed that Benedict had mellowed with age, the decision to hang the LCWR out to dry is a rude awakening.

Garry Wills looks at who the Vatican is welcoming back into the fold:

It is typical of the pope’s sense of priorities that, at the very time when he is quashing an independent spirit in the church’s women, he is negotiating a welcome back to priests who left the church in protest at the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. These men, with their own dissident bishop, Marcel Lefebvre, formed the Society of Saint Pius X—the Pius whose Secretariat of State had a monsignor (Umberto Benigni) who promoted the Protocols of the Elder of Zion. Pope Benedict has already lifted the excommunication of four bishops in the Society of Saint Pius X, including that of Richard Williamson, who is a holocaust denier. Now a return of the whole body is being negotiated.

None of the anti-Semitic ties of the Pius X crew matter to Rome, since that crew holds to the hard line against women priests, gay marriage, and contraception.