The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew delved into Romney's family tree, hammered Rubio's foreign policy speech, rolled his eyes at Romney's attempt to go after Obama for being cool, wondered why Democrats were so terrible at moral persuasion, and heartily recommended Spencer Ackerman's Ask Anything rant about DC (which you can find here).  We looked at some very preliminary projections for November, heard from a reader who thought Obama already had it in the bag, figured the GOP was likely to keep the House, met "Romney's balls," and said goodbye to Gingrich. Biden egged The Onion on, Obama's "balls" quote was sadly corrected, Romney's team obsessed over Russia, Steve Doocy received a lesson on non-apologies, and Australia fined non-voters. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also took a closer look at the UK spending cuts, watched Murdoch's semi-confession, gaped at a proposed bill legalizing necrophilia in Egypt  (that readers demonstrated is likely a fabrication), was repulsed by the (possibly fake) live burial of a Syrian protestor, and shared his Larkin reading. We looked back to when roads were used for walking, asteroids mining seemed to be a reality, and tiny houses helped the environment. Donating to the government didn't solve tax unfairness, interest on student loans mattered, a questionnaire prevented domestic violence, working from home headed off CO2 emissions, stay at home dads felt stigmatized, and postal problems weren't yet a thing of the past. Game of Thrones got torture right and extended warranties got finances wrong. Eye tricks made snakes slither, Provincetown in 1937 appeared via photograph, YouTube delivered racial humor, and a kangaroo spoon lady performed the Black Keys. Yglesias Nominee here, Chart of the Day here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.

– Z.B.