Can The GOP Moderate On Immigration?

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 27 2012 @ 2:38pm

A couple days ago, Anderson Cooper tried to make sense of Romney's positions on immigration:

As Anderson mentions, Rubio is flirting with a watered-down version of the Dream Act. The WaPo claims that this "puts Obama in a box." Adam Serwer helps Obama escape said box:

All Obama has to do is endorse the Rubio option as a stopgap measure, say it's the best that can be done for now, and tell Congress to get to work. At that point, the GOP will fling it into a black hole of obstruction, from which neither hope nor light can escape.

Similarly, Tomasky doubts that Romney can make inroads with Latino voters:

Romney is just sooooo white. Even whiter than the Osmonds. Bush wasn’t that white. He came from a state where these days you can’t help but know some Latinos, and he spoke him a little esspanyole, even. But Romney? He fired some guys working on his lawn because he couldn’t afford the political liability of employing them, as he openly admitted at one of those GOP debates. Aside from that—well, I admit I’m no more up on the latest salsa artists than Mitt is, but do you think that guy has ever listened to one Tito Puente record in his life? Has he ever known a Latino person, outside of those who clean his houses and trim his lawns? It’s quite possible that he does. But he sure doesn’t look like he does.