A Boring Campaign?

Andrew Sullivan —  May 1 2012 @ 3:06pm

Beinart predicts one:

Obama has become a cautious, constrained Washington Democrat; Bill Clinton without the demons. The Republicans have nominated Mitt Romney, the guy who made Rick Santorum seem colorful. Romney is delivering a Muzak version of the standard GOP refrain about unshackling capitalism and restoring belief in America. Barack Obama is warning of the Dickensian suffering that Romney’s "severe" conservatism will bring. Obama probably will win, since the GOP is an election or two away from retooling itself for a younger, browner, more female America. It’s going to be dull. 

I'm not so sure. Obama wants this to be a choice election, and he has not yet fully defined the choice. Once that happens, you'll see scraps like the current Bin Laden one come up repeatedly. Obama is not re-running the 2008 campaign; he tried consensus; now, he's trying a fight back against the policies he opposes. I suspect he'll be taking on Romney hard, and vice-versa. I just hope Obama doesn't come off as mean or arrogant, rather than tough and honest. Negative campaigning can be risky for someone whose personal appeal is one of his core strengths. 

(Video: a mock Super PAC ad from Obama's WHCD speech)