Back To “Forward”?

A reader writes:

Image004Regarding the Obama campaign's use of "Forward", there is a much more logical precedent than the British Labour Party. The motto of the state of Wisconsin, the birthplace of the Progressive movement and current site of an unprecedented series of recall elections, is "Forward". My guess is that, rather than drawing from the Labour Party's 2005 campaign slogan of "Forward, not back", the Obama team is using "Forward" tap into something much more relevant to the president's reelection: the revitalization of the Progressive Movement in the place of its birth, which has had a huge and sustained influence across the country (e.g. OWS). Makes much, much more sense to me.

Another sends the above image and adds, "These were pasted up all over San Francisco in 2008." Another offers:

Isn't there an even more obvious parallel with Kadima (Hebrew for "forward"), the opposition party to Likud? In some ways Obama's just making "official" a major subtext of the foreign policy debate this cycle. Obama/Mofaz 2012?

Update from another:

"Forward, not Back" goes straight into Simpsons territory, with the aliens Kang & Kodos running for president on a slogan of "We must go forward, not backward, upward, not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling toward freedom!"

And another:

Could it refer to the old political joke? "If you want to go forward, you put it in D. If you put it in R, you go backward."

Yet another:

I'm an Obama supporter, but as a professor of Russian I can't help but think he's provided fodder to the Fox News "Obama the Socialist" crowd, since "Forward" ("Vperyod!"/??????) was a common slogan in the Soviet Union.  See for example, see this poster, with its caption "Forward to the victory of Communism".