The Not-So-Radical Susan Sontag

On the crucial question of confronting homophobia, where her own comfort level would have been threatened, she never had the nerve:

In life, she remained closeted, only begrudgingly admitting to bisexuality shortly before her death. The closet represents the great irony of Sontag's life, which was full of public courage on political issues, and yet virtually no disclosure when it came to her same-sex relationships. The diary opens with Sontag's 1964 breakup with Cuban American playwright Maria Irene Fornes, details the relationship with her friend and sometime lover Eva Kollisch and continues through Sontag's years with French actress and film producer Nicole Stéphane. Above all is what she once called "the maelstrom of C." – Sontag's stormy late '60s relationship with Italian aristocrat Carlotta Del Pezzo.

(Via Petrelis)