Many readers have written in on these lines:

I think it was last week that you decried Democrats' use of the phrase "War on Women" as overblown … you even called it "screechy" if I remember right. I'm unclear why you then get to use "War on Gays" then? I'll point to this as one of the reasons your demographics skew toward men. Things always seem some how "more" or "worse" to you if they affect gay men. As you are part of that group, it makes sense. But to minimize the outrage of others and then immediately display this level of hypocrisy makes me less likely to take you seriously. Though it will likely keep me from ever being your daily dissent, I'd also point out that at the current moment there seem to be more legislative efforts aimed at limiting a woman's right to choose or receive proper medical care than there are aimed at gay rights (and thank goodness for that). But how is the shaming of one man, Ric Grenell, a full-out "War on Gays" while multiple states promoting multiple laws not a "War on Women"?

My critics are right. It was a lazy headline and I should have tried for a better one. I've now replaced those headlines with the original Grenell meme: "GOP: No Gays Allowed". But I haven't downplayed or dismissed the real issues women face in various states.