GOP: No Gays Allowed, Ctd

Readers sound off on the scandal:

I sense that Ric Grenell's self-deportation will be viewed as a turning point in the election. From here on, Romney cannot separate himself from his bigoted base. He will will be seen by independent and Republican moderates to be a fully-owned and powerless subsidiary (to use terms he would understand) of the intolerant right-wing evangelicals and their political agenda. He has conceded that he is their humble servant (to use a term the evangelical base understands).

Another writes:

I just read your post and decided that was the last straw.  I am a gay Republican supporting Mitt until today. 

I just sent his campaign an email requesting they remove my name from their call list because of Ric Grenell's resignation.  I will not contribute nor will I vote for a candidate that allows this type of witch hunt to happen in his campaign.  This was a moment when a good person stands up and says enough but Mitt decided he could not be that person. 

Up until this point, I have not really bought into your Christianist rhetoric and the take over of the Republican party… forgive me, I am late to the game.  But because I live in North Carolina and because my partner is about to have our first child, I face my own moment.


IMO, this whole thing was set up as part of Romney's "Etch-a-Sketch" strategy. He gets to appeal to "moderates" because he volunteered a "gay guy" for an important role; the right-wing bigots get a "victory", proving that they can exercise control over their nominee; and Romney sits pretty with his hands clean, because it's "not his fault that the guy resigned" and he "wouldn't want him to stay where he's uncomfortable". It's not like even a campaign as poorly-run as Romney's couldn't have predicted what would transpire after Romney put Grenell forward.


What kind of President would he be if he allows this to happen after he, God forbid, gets in the White House? Romney knew Mr. Grenell was gay and he hired him. If you hire someone you stand up for them. If they screw up you fire them. But if they do the job you hired them for you stand up for them.

How do the gays in the military feel right about now? Pretty nervous I would think. Romney is a coward who does not deserve to be Command in Chief.

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