Ad War Update

After a series of foreign policy blunders, the Romney campaign pivots back to the economy: 

The Obama campaign relishes Newt's likely endorsement of Mitt: 

The Sunlight Foundation has its own highlight reel of Gingrich attack ads against Romney. Keenan Steiner has more

Winning Our Future spent about $3.7 million on attack ads against Mitt Romney back when Gingrich was Romney's main contender in January, an analysis using Sunlight's Follow the Unlimited Money tracker shows. The money went for TV, radio, Internet and email ad buys, mostly in Florida and South Carolina. … They called him a faux-conservative who governed in favor of abortion rights, would not be a strong defender of gun rights, and who can't beat President Obama, whose reelection Gingrich says "would be a genuine disaster," in a farewell video to supporters that he released Tuesday. Winning Our Future sharply criticized Romney's record at the private equity firm Bain Capital, hammering him for overseeing a company in the early 90's later fined for Medicare fraud and producing a documentary that portrayed Romney as a corporate raider. 

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