The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew declared war on GOP homophobia, pointed to Erick Erickson's reaction to Grenell as proof he was part of the problem, and scoured Obama's letter on Yeats for clues about his personality. Andrew also explained why Jose Rodriguez destroyed the torture tapes, wrapped his head around the details of the Chen Guangcheng case, and spotlighted Rick Perlstein's response to The Crisis of Zionism. We checked on Obama's (high) approval ratings, guessed at why his numbers were higher than they should be, forecasted the unemployment rate on election day, hearkened back to Obama's negative '08 campaign, puzzled over Romney's non-existent Latino outreach, yawned over the VP race, broke down the anatomy of fake news, and advised candidates to avoid lying whenever possible. We also wondered whether torture would return under Romney, contrasted duelling accounts of the Chen Guangcheng affair, listened to a Beinart debate on Israel, defined "Second World Nations," and noted National Review's Islam problem. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also issued a call for the next class of Dishterns, noted a little crack in NRO's prohibition, and re-upped Ask Bruce Bartlett Anything questions. Republicans wouldn't explain how they'd pay for Bush tax cuts, Stephen King (hilariously) called paying taxes patriotic, some people "sprinted" towards the 1%, moral intuition preceded reason, and headless meat posed challenges to vegetarian and omnivore alike. Community college found champions, headphones sapped productivity, e-bikes enhanced the experience, and recognition boosted value. Boybands creeped us out, celebrity namesakes shared their suffering, a reader defended the theory that the internet makes us lonely, and dogs learned to like people food from people. Martian sunsets were blue, dudes flaunted their beards, and this joke was "subtler than you think." Ask Tyler Cowen Anything here, Quotes for the Day here and here, Chart of the Day here, Hathos Alert here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.