The Right Eats Its Own, Jennifer Rubin Edition

Andrew Sullivan —  May 3 2012 @ 11:00am

Breaking the Grenell story appears to have been the last straw for some Republicans. William Jacobson launches into Rubin:

The Romney campaign was happy to use Rubin, as she often bragged about speaking with this or that source at the campaign, and Romney even granted her an “exclusive” interview. But she can’t seem to stop whatever holy war she has going on, and it’s coming back to bite the Romney campaign big time because Rubin ran a screaming headline yesterday over the resignation of Romney adviser Richard Grenell.

Erick Erickson, who already didn't like her, is the most vicious. He imagines a dialogue between Grenell and Rubin:

Richard: “Mittens didn’t pay enough attention to me so I quit. And do you know wwhhhhyyyyyyyy he didn’t? Bryan. Yes, that’s right Bryan Fischer from Mr. Perkins’s class. Mittens is too interested in what Bryan Fischer thinks.”

Jenn: “Really?! Well, we shall have to let Sally, Sarah, and Susan know what Mittens did to you. How dare he think he can use us. Oh, I know, we can get on the internet and tell everybody our side of the story first. Of course they’ll believe us. Why would they believe those dweebs?!”

Richard: “Oh Jenn, you rock!”

Jenn: “Oh Richard, you rock too! Let’s get this done quick before General Hospital comes on.”

I didn't realize that Erickson was homophobic. Now I do. Casting Ric and Rubin as schoolgirls (or a teen gay and his female friend) is a classic of the genre. But Erickson is also wrong in his post, in trying to make this an issue about Grenell's tweets. Read today's NYT reported story and you'll find that Rubin was right, that my post last night was right, and that this was indeed a major moment when Romney's total capitulation to the theocon, Christianist right was shining brightly in the sunlight.