Ad War Update

A new group is attacking Obama where he is strong: on the killing of Bin Laden:

Some background:

Can Obama be swift boated? That's the idea behind this attack ad from Veterans for a Strong America, which slams the president for taking too much credit for Osama bin Laden's death. The group's founder tells Mother Jones' Adam Weinstein that he's recruiting Navy SEALs to openly criticize Obama: "We're gonna be rolling some of those folks out soon.

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign issues a new spot on energy policy in its "Broken Promises" series:

The DNC dwells on the "war on women": 

And, as Sam Stein notes, this cycle has already been marked by an unprecedented level of negative advertising: 

70 percent of ads aired so far in the 2012 presidential race have been negative, meaning they mentioned an opponent by name. In 2008, the percentage of negative ads at this juncture in that campaign was 9.1 percent, the study found. The acidic change in tone is owed to the rise of interest groups and super PACs in the electoral process, the study concludes. Whereas in 2008, candidate-sponsored ads made up 96.6 percent of total "airings," as of April 22, 2012, that percentage had dropped to 35.8 percent. Campaigns, in short, are outsourcing their airwave operations to allied groups, who in turn are going negative. Outside groups have so far sponsored nearly 60 percent of total ads aired, at an estimated cost of $77.5 million. Of those, 86 percent have been negative and 14 percent have been positive.

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