Chen: Saved By College

The US and China have agreed to resolve the Chen Guangcheng crisis by sending him to the US on a student visa with his family. Alana Goodman applauds:

[T]he deal sounds like a good one for all sides. Not only was the Chen case a public relations disaster for the Obama administration, it also put the Chinese government’s human rights abuses in the international media spotlight. Both had an incentive to end this story as quickly as possible. And it sounds like it will be a happy ending for Chen and his family, who will be able to take time in the U.S. and decide what they want to do on a permanent basis.

Walter Russell Mead scores the agreement as a win for America and the Beijing elite. Dan Drezner nods:

[C]ontrary to just about every headline I've seen in the past three days, I think Chen's case demonstrates the surprising resilience of the Sino-American relationship…Despite the near-overwhelming incentive to ramp up bilateral tensions, however, it really hasn't happened. China's Foreign Mnistry has issued a couple of garden-variety press statements demanding a U.S. apology that won't be forthcoming.  There have been no leaks or anonymous criticisms of the United States otherwise, despite the fact that this entire case is a burr in China's saddle at veery awkward moment.  None of the U.S. State Department statements or press leaks have been terribly critical of the Chinese side either.