Boris vs Dave?

Andrew Sullivan —  May 5 2012 @ 3:34pm

The Tories were battered in the local elections – except in one place, London. Labour as a party had a double digit lead over the Tories in London, but the Tory Boris still won – putting him in the cockpit of the party. Uh oh:

The relationship between the Prime Minister and his rejuvenated and emboldened Mayor will be an interesting one. David Cameron’s delight at holding his London bastion will be tempered by the knowledge its resident is more popular with the voters, more popular with his activists, and better at wiff-waff. In turn Johnson is aware his victory was narrowly snatched from the jaws of national defeat, and that association with a wounded leader is not good for the Boris Brand. It was noticeable that in the final day before polling Cameron did an interview with the Evening Standard which included an unsubtle attempt to jump aboard the accelerating Johnson campaign bandwagon, one that was not agreed, and not exactly welcomed, by the Boris camp.