More Cooks In The Kitchen

Andrew Sullivan —  May 5 2012 @ 12:54pm

A new study (pdf) shows that men have stepped up to the plate:

Gen X men are more involved in all aspects of meal preparation — from grocery shopping to cooking — than their fathers were. These men spend more time in the kitchen than their dads did, cooking about eight meals a week and buying groceries more than one a week. Gen X men also watch cooking shows and read magazine articles on cooking just as much as women do.

Katie J.M. Baker points to another part of the study:

More intriguing is the data on Generation Xers and healthy eating: only 9% of the surveyed adults said they preferred to buy organic foods when available, and most have limited genetically modified food knowledge."There is this perception that Generation X people are passionate organic buyers and it is not necessarily true," says Miller. "I think they also take into account price, availability and other factors and don't feel the need to always buy organic. Those who are really devoted are a much smaller group than we would've guessed." Also maybe more broke than they would've guessed?