Why Are Democrats So Useless At Persuasion? Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  May 5 2012 @ 7:34am

Conor Williams responds to criticism of his post on liberal rhetoric. Among the more interesting critiques he addresses:

Though the Right’s crisp, radical rhetoric plays well in public debates, it severely limits the breadth of ideas they bring to the governing table. Rick Santorum pays for his coherence with sacrifices at the altar of narrow-mindedness. In other words: Wouldn’t a more coherent Left emulate the very worst traits of their opponents? Wouldn’t they, in sharpening their moral rhetoric, surrender to the sort of radical simplicity that so hamstrings the American Right? Aren’t flexibility and nuance the hallmarks of a mature, adult approach to politics? Most importantly, wouldn’t leftists also have a harder time clowning conservatives for their love of purity? Would they—horrors—have to give up Jon Stewart?

In response, Williams argues that "modern leftists should be able to speak more coherently about what they believe without sacrificing their empirical honesty and nuanced view of politics."