Why Are Most Blockbusters Marketed To Men?

Andrew Sullivan —  May 5 2012 @ 5:07pm

Especially in a world where women hold more power on date night:

"The Avengers" will be No. 1 this coming weekend. But the top-grossing film for the preceding six weeks was a female-oriented picture: Four weeks of "The Hunger Games,” followed by two weeks at the top for surprise hit "Think Like a Man," whose principal audience was not just women but African-American women, who make up about 6 percent of the United States population. (Clearly a lot of other people went to see it too.) Those six weeks aren’t statistically meaningful by themselves. But when added to the big numbers rolled up last year by "The Help"and "Bridesmaids," and the $1.7 billion taken in so far by "The Twilight Saga" around the world, they begin to suggest the contours of a new reality, one in which films aimed at girls and women are high-end blockbusters on an equal footing with guy-flicks.

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