Romney Reacts

With kid gloves:

Just prior to those comments, a reader sized up Mitt's dilemma:

Romney has to firm up his base while transitioning into a general election posture, so this is a moment of delicate balance for him. Romney wants to talk about the economy, which is what he sees as his primary strength and the biggest potential weakness for the President. As doofy and disingenuous as Romney's day-to-day presentation of himself can be, he is not dumb and he is working hard to place the campaign on favorable ground.

But Obama has just staked a lightning rod somewhere else.

Romney's primary tactic has been to reflexively attack any and every move by the President, and so the Republican base will be rabid to have him attack this. So either Romney has to stop talking about the economy, surrendering his best ground, and come off as more fire-breathing on social issues than he wants for the general, or he has to answer to his base why he's NOT attacking Obama on this, right at the moment they are maximally fired-up from getting Grenell's scalp.

I'm glad Obama's now good on this issue. But looking at the timing, I thought – he's just plain good.

More reaction from readers here. Another takes exception to one:

A "bald political calculation"? Seriously? I could see that if Amendment One went down in defeat. But it was passed. North Carolina is a state Obama wants and possibly will need to win. The convention is being held there later this year. He picks the Tar Heels every year to win the national championship. He just told a slew of voters there – black voters he'll need – that he doesn't agree with them. He hates the social issue wars.

So this was an act of political bravery. To spin it any other way is left-wing reflective bashing. I think he'll still carry NC because this was essentially a Republican primary, but, come on, "political calculation" my ass.