Obama Evolves: Your Thoughts

A reader writes:

Well, that only took a couple of hours for me to be proven wrong in my prediction that he would continue to waffle. I've never been so happy to be wrong in my life.

Another writes:

You know, I wasn't sure if it mattered either, but here I sit, crying into my laptop. What really got me was the part about his girls, how they have friends with same-sex parents, and treating them any differently just wouldn't make any sense to his kids. I have kids too – one of them a black boy being raised by white lesbian moms – and dammit, YES, this matters! It will make his world make more sense. Symbols DO matter, and this one is huge.

Another agrees:

Obama isn't just some guy.  That the President of the United States believes in marriage equality is a big deal because it's a position he now believes is politically tenable.  Of course his "evolving" attitude about SSM was always a little contrived, but that's just how politics is.

Another waxes:

Barack Obama becomes the Abraham Lincoln of gay rights. Poetic that an African American president should do so.

Another is less romantic:

I’m by no means suggesting that the interview today makes ANY DIFFERENCE whatsoever in the larger, and more important, picture of equality. It doesn’t. It’s an interview. In an election year. However, anyone who thinks Biden spoke off the cuff this past Sunday, and this is some sort of damage control, is yet again underestimating this White House. It is far from accidental. It doesn’t appear anything "accidental" happens with this administration. Everything is calculated. And I can’t help but be turned on by that.

Another much less so:

While I am still thrilled to have a President on record for gay marriage, I have to say I despise the bald political calculation in this.  By waiting until today to make this revelation, he avoids taking a position that would then be repudiated in a public vote, saving him the loss-by-assocation.  He manages to sop up the gratitude of angry, disenfranchised gays.  Somehow Obama has managed to take what should feel like an affirmation and made it feel like an utter pander.

Another is more forgiving:

I am not gay but this issue is important to me and many of my friends.  This was one of several issues that had convinced me that Obama was a political coward and kept me from donating time or money to his campaign.  I am happy to be proven wrong. I just sent the Obama team $15 with a note explaining why. Everyone who cares about civil rights should donate something NOW. Let's show the President that we will have his back when he does the right thing.

My thoughts soon.