Where Are The Democrats’ Political Hit Men?


What Obama lacks right now … is a bludgeon — a super PAC loaded with cash to hammer home negative advertising. Super PACs, as you may have heard, have emerged as the hit men of 2012. Why? Because super PACs offer two key advantages that make them ideal as attack dogs: unrestrained fundraising and a little distance from the candidates they support. They can accept unlimited donations from corporations, unions and individuals, and they do not need to obtain a candidate’s approval for the messages they are putting out.

But liberals seem too prissy and purist to join that fight. I can’t see anything wrong with contributions to GOTV operations, especially among the young and minorities – but when you have a big, fat, plutocratic target waiting to be defined by advertizing, and armed with an arrow-shower of lies about the president, purism against Citizens United seems somewhat perverse – especially since Romney’s picks to SCOTUS could be even further to the right than Scalia and Thomas.