The Next Battleground For Equality

Andrew Sullivan —  May 10 2012 @ 10:05am

A reader briefs us on a situation remarkably similar to last year's legislative fight in New York:

There are some interesting developments with regard to the civil unions bill in Colorado that have been overshadowed by Obama's announcement and North Carolina's bigotry. Specifically, the civil unions bill passed the Senate and was voted through three committees in the Republican-controlled House (one of which was not remotely germane, suggesting that the Speaker's efforts to kill the bill were thwarted by members of his own party). Five House Republicans are reported to have voiced support for the bill, so it was certain to prevail on the floor. Rather than allowing that to happen, the House Speaker, Frank McNulty, declined to bring the bill to a vote on the floor before the session ended – effectively killing it.

But Governor Hickenlooper has just announced that he's called the legislature back for a special session to address several bills, including civil unions. What this likely means is that the procedural maneuvers Republicans employed yesterday to avoid the vote are not going to work – they will have to give the bill an up or down vote at some point, and it will likely pass.

More details here.