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Andrew Sullivan —  May 10 2012 @ 10:48pm


Today on the Dish, Andrew reflected further on the evolution of the president (yesterday's NPR segment here, third round of blogger reax here), while gay GOP activists somehow reverted to partisanship and disdain. We sorted through the politics of Obama's historic shift, Andrew owned up to a Von Hoffman nomination, and Bristol Palin stood by traditional marriage. The president sent a signal to the courts and to the Democratic leadership, readers could relate to his "evolution," and the fight for marriage equality is deeply-rooted. It turns out that the pre-election announcement was probably predetermined, and North Carolina was worse than we thought. 

We checked in on the civil unions bill in Colorado, were confronted by sunflowers, and remembered those who didn't live to see the day. Romney exuded caution in response, and his actual position became increasingly unclear. As a high school bully, the presumptive Republican nominee targeted the weak and marginalized, he had a hard time apologizing, and a clear choice emerged between the future or the past. Those on the wrong side of history huddled around an NRO symposium, marriage has been "redefined" before, and in reality marriage equality strengthens marriage. 

Meanwhile, the shrinking of the public sector dampened the recovery, ordinary Americans were fine with deep cuts to defense, the UN mission in Syria didn't stand a chance, and Islamism lost steam in Egypt. It might be a good time for house-hunting, silents are wondrously demanding, occupational licenses are unnecessary, and the obesity epidemic is going to make us pay

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(Photo: Two unidentified men kiss outside the White House gates during a gay pride march on April 25, 1993. Getty Images.)