The “Evolution” Of Obama

Andrew Sullivan —  May 10 2012 @ 12:14am

It's been roundly mocked. But it's integral to what has been happening in America. A reader writes:

Trying to be neither cynical or jaded, I do understand President Obama's evolving position. 

My son is gay. I couldn't "hear" that for a period of time and I (finally) "evolved."  I love him, gay, straight, bi … it doesn't matter. The same with gay marriage; it took me a bit of time to understand how important that he have all of the options in life that I was automatically awarded by virtue of being a heterosexual female. The bottom line becomes why would I want anything less for him than all options that are available to my other two children and myself? 

Joe Biden is correct: it just comes down to love.  What more can a mom ask for in her child's life?

Another writes:

I’m a straight, white guy. I went to an all-boys Catholic high school, where gay pejoratives were commonplace as put downs. I regularly used terms to belittle knowingly straight friends. Then a year out of high school one of my very closest friends came out.

We went to separate universities, so I had no idea what was new in his life when we went for a beer on a holiday break. I was shocked, then realized very shortly that (shock of shocks) nothing was different about him. He was the same solid and caring friend I’d had in high school. He just liked dudes. As we’ve aged and progressed into our careers, the similarities in our fairly boring lives are remarkable – so much so that the one difference, that his spouse is a dude, isn’t noticeable.

That my president has progressed on the same path as me – from the mindset that gay relationships are fundamentally different to one that sees and knows an example and recognizes that gay and straight relationships are fundamentally the same – is remarkable.

One small thing I only really noticed until tonight. This interview was conducted by two African-Americans, a man and a woman. It was a subtle touch. And a profound one.