The Flowers Of Our Lives

Andrew Sullivan —  May 10 2012 @ 8:51am


A reader sends the above image and writes:

On occasions of illumination, you often post photos of the sunflowers that greeted the guests at your wedding. Interestingly, they were placed on the ground looking up at those who would happen to pass by, allowing their full face to be seen. Sunflowers happen to play an important image in The Tree of Life, as they cannot avoid but to gaze at the light that sustains them.  They have become for me a new seed of contemplation.

From a review of the film:

[The sunflowers] might be Malick’s way of saying that we are all the same, yet different, and that the intent of this movie was to show you pieces of his own life and parts of his own imagination in order to spark similar reflections in the viewer.