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Andrew Sullivan —  May 11 2012 @ 8:29am

Mark Krikorian conveys Michele Bachmann's excuses for her dual citizenship

She said that the Left and the media (I repeat myself) are all over this story partly because her vigorous advocacy for Governor Romney undermines the president’s "war on women" story line regarding Republicans. But on the substance of the issue, it was clear she saw this as just a matter of her kids’ heritage through their father: "It’s a pride-in-the-family thing," she said. One of her sons had spent time with relatives in Switzerland and heard about the opportunity for acquiring Swiss citizenship and thought it would be "cool" to pursue it. Part of the application with Swiss consular authorities in the U.S. required the parents’ signatures — Bachmann described it as merely "updating" an existing status. As she put it, one of her staff said, "Here’s the paperwork, sign this", and she figured it wasn’t anything new so she signed it.

She has since withdrawn her Swiss citizenship.