Who Should The TSA Give A Pass? Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  May 11 2012 @ 11:00am

Sam Harris defended the profiling of Muslims. Bruce Schneier counters:

I too am incensed—but not surprised—when the TSA manhandles four-year old girlschildren with cerebral palsypretty womenthe elderly, and wheelchair users for humiliation, abuse, and sometimes theft. Any bureaucracy that processes 630 million people per year will generate stories like this. When people propose profiling, they are really asking for a security system that can apply judgment. Unfortunately, that’s really hard

Rules are easier to explain and train. Zero tolerance is easier to justify and defend. Judgment requires better-educated, more expert, and much-higher-paid screeners. And the personal career risks to a TSA agent of being wrong when exercising judgment far outweigh any benefits from being sensible.

The proper reaction to screening horror stories isn’t to subject only “those people” to it; it’s to subject no one to it. (Can anyone even explain what hypothetical terrorist plot could successfully evade normal security, but would be discovered during secondary screening?) Invasive TSA screening is nothing more than security theater.

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