The Art Of Sexting

Andrew Sullivan —  May 12 2012 @ 7:09pm

Some are less savvy than others:

Sarah Nicole Prickett craves a good sext:

Consider what’s required in a formal sentence: the rhythm of punctuation, of course, but also knowing when to start, when to stop. Consider too the devastating effects of a well-timed ellipsis; read some Bataille. Erotic grammar is good grammar. Sexting has sped up seduction, but if you write it right, it can still torture.

I have a long-distance lover now and our text exchanges are fragmentary and agonizing and great. We met in person and had sex in person which helps fill in the ellipses, and I still always want to have sex in person, especially because we can’t. But wanting is sometimes as close to ecstasy as having.

I always think about the first time we were in some incalescent argument on g-chat and he finally said, "you’re right," and then (though he had yet to touch me) "for some reason that makes me want to slide my hand under your skirt up your thigh," and then, "I’m going to go eat…" and then, "lunch." And reader, I fucking died.

The iPhone app Snapchat can help with the pictorial part:

Snapchat allows a person to take and send a picture and control how long it is visible by the person who receives it, up to 10 seconds. After that, the picture disappears and can’t be seen again. If the person viewing the picture tries to use an iPhone feature that captures an image of whatever is on the screen, the sender is notified. … But even if a Snapchat image is set to vanish after a few seconds, there’s nothing to stop someone from taking a photograph of his smartphone screen with another camera.