The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  May 15 2012 @ 10:34pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew debated Glenn Greenwald on "sentiment" versus "detached purism" and Obama's gay rights record (update here), livechatted about his cover story, defended its comparison of Obama's experience with racial identity to the gay experience, praised Evan Wolfson for his role in bringing about marriage equality's triumph, and found yet another instance of the GOP kicking gays out of the fold. We highlighted another marriage equality hero, Jonathan Rauch, analyzed the importance of the Van Lohuizen memo for the Republican approach to gay equality, tracked the many meanings of marriage over time, pointed out another devastating weakness in the anti-equality case, looked at TNC's experience with homophobia, and watched Obama's coming-out video.

Andrew also argued that Romney would be worse than Obama on medical pot, castigated his ridiculous foreign policy, and grudgingly acknowledged the "effective, if crude" nature of Mitt's recent line of attack. We tracked the debate over the Bain issue, marked Ron Paul's departure, wondered if his run had accomplished anything, decoded the Tea Party's goals, explained why Obama's style wasn't going to determine the election, and were impressed by Obama's gains among veterans. Ad War Update here.

Finally, Andrew reupped the call for dishterns – less than a week, people! The Grexit from the Euro inched closer, local Chinese leaders mucked with the economy, and the violence in Syria spilled over into Lebanon. A/B testing took over the web, the Internet's data glut messed with our heads, and texts and emails outpaced phones. Prison violence shocked, scopolamine terrified, college football got defended, and graduates had it rough. Banana improvement was a humanitarian priority, tacos were recent inventions, and veggie burgers weren't helping the environment, Ask Tyler Cowen Anything here (with some commentary on the world's healthiest cuisines), Chart of the Day here, Quote for the Day here, Yglesias Nominee here, VFYW Contest Winner here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.