The Tea Party’s Mission


How Kornacki understands it:

Tea Party Republicanism: It isn’t really about ideology; it’s about governing tactics. … It’s not really about moving the GOP to the right; the party is already there, and has been for a while. It’s about reflexively opposing the other party on every issue, resisting compromise at all costs, and exploiting every available legislative tool to stymie the other side. This mind-set is already pervasive in the House, and as the Times story shows, it’s now making its way into the Senate.

I see it as a cultural protest, a kind of nullification of modernity.

(Photo: Tea Party member Mike Keating displays the pins that decorate his hat, while waiting for the start of a rally supporting Arizona's Immigration Law SB 1070 at the Arizona state Capitol April 25, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona. By Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images)