Could Romney Be Worse On Medical Marijuana?

Scott Morgan is unconvinced:

Anyone who wants to argue that Romney would be worse when it comes to medical marijuana should begin by explaining how. Really, how would he be worse? The Obama Administration is already doing every single awful thing that can be done short of suspending all other federal law enforcement functions and spending the next 4 years demolishing dispensaries one at a time. They're raiding businesses, prosecuting providers, intimidating landlords, suing operators on bogus tax claims, threatening to arrest state regulators, blocking medical research, and even banning gun ownership by patients. I honestly doubt Romney could be any worse than this if he tried.

I don't. The man doesn't even drink coffee. His impulse when seeing a man with muscular dystrophy in desperate need of medical marijuana was to listen, ignore and then walk away. Obama deserves criticism on medical marijuana – but the notion that there would be no difference between his DEA and Romney's strikes me as … well I can't help remembering how, in 2000, I thought Gore would be no different than Bush.