Ad War Update

Obama's Super PAC goes for the jugular

Alex Burns has more

The 30-second commercial is going up in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, the strategist said, and also includes an online advertising component. It comes on the heels of the Obama campaign unveiling a 2-minute commercial – also focused on Bain shuttering a GST Steel factory – which is set to air in select swing-state markets Wednesday. The key message point in the Priorities ad is the argument that Romney and Bain were making money through a rigged game, in which they’d be sure to turn a profit regardless of how their acquisitions fared. … 

Beyond the content of the Priorities ad, it’s also notable that the super PAC has $4 million to shell out at this stage of the race. The pro-Obama group has struggled with fundraising for much of the 2012 cycle, but those are real dollars on the air at a moment when it counts.

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