My “Gift” To Romney

Jennifer Rubin claims that my Newsweek cover-story will help Romney. She pens an imaginary Thank You note from Romney to Newsweek:

[R]eally, to characterize the president as the first "gay president" was an unexpected joy for Ann, the boys and me. I’m not about to go stoking the flames of anti-gay fervor in my base. That’s not my style, and as I always say to Ann, a moment not talking about Obama’s economic bellyflop is a moment wasted. But you’ve done it for me! Why, I don’t suppose there is a social conservative activist in the country who wouldn’t toss his cookies (excuse my language) over that label. They tell me they are fired up and ready to go! It’s very important in business and government to delegate, so I am relieved that you and your other journalist friends have taken care of this for me.

I wonder how Rubin would respond to a similar analogy about, say, "the first Jewish president", as Peter Beinart has described Obama? If that had been a Newsweek cover, would she have written a post on how great it is that her candidate – running against a Jew – could now exploit anti-Semitism for his political advantage? I mean: there is no policy dispute here. She is simply delighted that her candidate can get an advantage through homophobia. PM Carpenter throws up his hands:

[F]or Rubin to mobocratically ridicule President Obama's attention (as well as Sullivan's and Brown's) to a piercing social issue that has caused immense and indescribable personal pain to millions of victimized Americans is, well, I guess one can say it is nothing but the unfurling of Rubin's truest colors.

Or to put it more bluntly: If I had said the same thing, in a Jewish context, I'd be a bigot. What does that make Rubin?