Constituency Politics

Andrew Sullivan —  May 16 2012 @ 10:38am

How not to do it:

Erin McPike unpacks Obama's method: 

Latino audiences are informed that Obama’s Justice Department has challenged the state of Arizona over its anti-illegal immigration legislation, that he supports the DREAM Act that would grant citizenship to some young people brought illegally to this country as children, and that the president vowed to produce comprehensive immigration reform legislation if elected to a second term. 

Women’s groups are reminded that feminists within the administration pushed successfully for provisions in the Affordable Care Act stipulating that birth control and contraception be included in federally mandated health insurance. College students have been promised the administration’s help in keeping rates low on some government-backed student loans. The gay and lesbian community needs no reminding that Obama himself finally endorsed same-sex marriage. Mitt Romney’s answer to almost all of this — gay marriage is a separate category — is a vow to work tirelessly to improve the economy.

Alec MacGillis doesn't see a social issues-based strategy.