The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew went deeper into the notions of Obama as first gay president and "learning how to be gay," attacked Romney's credibility on the debt issue, chronicled the Dish's long history of levelling harsh criticism Obama's way, dropped jaw in response to Jennifer Rubin's blase acceptance of campaigning on homophobia, and took a meta-look at DC life. We explained why today's campaign debates seem so silly, aired a strong approach to Mitt's Bain days from a reader, questioned Romney's approach to the press, analyzed his net worth, gave him acting advice, guessed how undead politicians would shake up American politics, penned a eulogy for Americans Elect's grave, and compared the campaigns' respective outreach efforts to different demographic groups. Future gay men might vote Republican, the black community debated about gays, marriage equality rose in popularity for similar reasons to sushi, and marriage wasn't always a sacrament. Ad War Update here.

We also learned a great deal about the move towards marriage equality in Albania, pushed back against fears of Syria bringing down the region, and raised some ethical questions about bioengineered soldiers. Eating plants wasn't ethically unproblematic (on one theory), "staying interested" in life staved off Altzheimer's, car sharing didn't much cut carbon, and Netflix started original programming. Allahpundit's comment section explained why we didn't have comments, red states had a different set of baby names, and fundamentalism fought a decent rear guard battle in the demographic war. Finally, we explored the lawyer surplus, looked into numerology and Auden, and found an unfortunate English lesson. Ask Jim Manzi Anything here, Charts of the Day here, Hewitt Nominee here, Yglesias Nominees here and here, Quotes for the Day here, here, and here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.