The Paranoid Right’s Obama

This is going to be one ugly campaign, as every billionaire with a grudge against the president unleashes truck loads of propaganda to defeat him. Paul Waldman highlights two anti-Obama films, including Dinesh D'Souza's (trailer above):

If Obama wins, he'll go through his second term, doing things that these nutballs will certainly disagree with. But the hammer and sickle will not be raised over the White House, private enterprise will not be outlawed, and we won't all be herded onto collective farms. And then what will they say? They certainly won't say, "Well, maybe we overstated things a little."

For a satisfying brutal takedown of the book upon which D'Souza's film is based, see Andrew Ferguson at The Weekly Standard. But note the scene at 1.08, where a black family is fighting over a Monopoly game, followed by white people holding candles. This is about rescuing white America from a black president. That's all it is. And it's as vile as it is potent.