Ad War Update

Romney imagines "day one" of his presidency in his first spot of the general election: 

The ad is misleading, but Jamelle Bouie is nevertheless impressed

If you—like most people—haven’t been paying attention to politics over the last year, you would think that President Obama has purposefully kept jobs from the United States, raised taxes on "job creators," and passed a terrible, ineffective health care bill. And while you don’t know too much about Mitt Romney, he seems competent and concerned with the economy. This is the impression Obama has to fight if he wants to win re-election in November, and while there are many avenues for attacking Romney, Obama’s middling position means that this will be a difficult undertaking.

Matt Lewis adds

The words "President Romney" are repeated 3 times in his new ad. (Theory: People must be able to imagine you as president to elect you.)

Meawhile, the Obama campaign focuses on education – and relatability: 

In web-only videos, the DNC sums up the line of attack on Bain, while Crossroads ridicules Obama. 

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