Who Would Fill Romney’s Cabinet?

Dan Drezner is relatively unworried about Romney's insane foreign policy rhetoric because "statements on foreign policy are broken pretty easily, and campaign rhetoric melts quickly in the face of foreign policy realities." Drezner's main concern: 

The one way in which this might be interesting is whether someone like John Bolton winds up as Secretary of State.  Based on his United Nations ambassador days, and based on the near-delusional level of megalomaniacal egotism displayed in Bolton's memoirs, I'd argue that his appointment would make a difference in foreign policy outcomes.

The loudest signal emerging from the noise of Romney's foreign policy team is that Bolton's influence might be larger than I would have suspected.  The fact that Grenell was Bolton's spokesman at the UN, and that his Russia views sound like Bolton, are distressing signals.  The fact that one of Romney's concrete budgetary criticisms of the Obama administration this week was that, "[i]n 2010, 17 federal government agencies gave $7.7 billion to more than 25 United Nations programs, billions of it voluntarily," sounds… Boltonish.