Entry Denied


Randa Jarrar, an American of Palestinian descent, discovers she can't visit her sister in Ramallah:

I had deleted anything on my website critical of Israel, which amounted to about 160 posts. I had deleted the section in my Wikipedia entry that said that I was a Palestinian writer. It had been unsettling, deleting my Palestinianness in order to go back to Palestine. I had been told that the Israeli officers might confiscate my phone and read my Facebook posts and Twitter feed, so I temporarily deactivated my Facebook account and locked my tweets. The entire endeavor left me feeling erased. 

But all that didn't allow her entry, since there is still a Palestinian ID attached to her name.

(Photo: Palestinians flash the victory sign and hold symbolic keys of homes that were snatched when the state of Israel was created in 1948, during a protest outside Damascus gate in Jerusalem's Old City on May 15, 2012 marking Nakba day, which commemorates the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians after the establishment of Israel. By Gali Tibbon/AFP/GettyImages.)