The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  May 21 2012 @ 10:28pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew Eclipselegislators' English skills. We clarified the debate surrounding Romney's Bain days, worried about President Romney's cabinet, figured the GOP wouldn't cut spending, told Republicans to start paying more attention to Spanish-language media if they wanted to win, decoded polling on whether evangelical anti-Mormonism would hurt Mitt, declared Romneycare a success, watched a hyperbolic climate change denial organization implode, found an absolutely appalling anti-gay outburst, and didn't expect a truly gay president for decades. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also defended non-scientific means of knowing about the world, accepted the Dharun Ravi verdict, confessed his obsession with pageviews, told us about his fascination with a real reality show and Crystal Bowersox, and debunked Jose Rodriguez's narrative of the torture program (follow-up here). We checked in on Egypt's election, were afraid the liberals might have failed, noted an instance of settler violence, spotlighted a sad Palestinian story, tracked some absurd resupply lines in Afghanistan, and theorized that the rise of the BRICs might not be so bad for the US.

Inequality caused teen pregnancy, childbirth produced poverty, the rich had prettier cities, and labelling more people alcoholics wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Work sparked a civil war in your brain, parking spot tussles created a territorial response, creative thinking required forgetting purpose, sex/gender norms shifted our perception of straight relationships, and worms grew in brains. Lawns destroyed and Romans walked. Readers sent in beautiful eclipse pictures and a remixed Cold War film blew our minds. The Avengers appealed to our post-Great Recession psyches and readymade food grossed us out. Ask Tyler Cowen Anything here, Quote for the Day here, Yglesias Nominees here and here, Moore Award Nominee here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.