Ask Manzi Anything: How Should The GOP Treat Climate Skeptics?

Chris Mooney assesses the lonely status of climate skeptics today:

Time was, after all, when U.S. fossil fuel industry majors were united in a climate “skeptic” stance, under the aegis of the anti-Kyoto Global Climate Coalition. Nowadays, in contrast, even ExxonMobil has dropped off as a chief source of support for the climate denial machine—see investigative reporter Steve Coll’s great new book on this—and the extreme to which the Heartland Institute went with its billboards says a great deal about the intellectual weakness of the climate denial case today. The denial of global warming is no longer mainstream within corporate America or the fossil fuel industry, then—and that can only be considered a major achievement. And yet at the same time, it is stronger than ever among Tea Partiers and the Republican Party itself.

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