Egypt Votes


The Egyptian elections begin tomorrow. Marc Lynch hopes for the best:

If Egypt does witness a transfer of power from the SCAF to an elected President and Parliament with provisionally defined powers in the next few weeks, and those elected officials are able and willing to assert their authority, Egypt could have a brighter future than most believe. Perhaps, finally, its leaders can begin to confront the massive economic, social and institutional challenges which have been so badly neglected for so long (and not only during the transition).  I don't expect it to go smoothly — this is Egypt, after all.  The new President will jockey for power with the SCAF and with the Parliament, the wonderfully contentious and unruly Egyptian media will challenge and scrutinize their every move, and many activists will likely continue to take to the streets in protest.  But on the eve of the election, Egypt suddenly seems tantalizingly close to something  like a successful transition. 

(Photo: An artist writes a slogan in Arabic that reads 'I will never give you peace' next to graffiti picturing the morphed faces of ousted president Hosni Mubarak (R) and military ruler Hussein Tantawi and presidential candidates Amr Mussa (C) and Ahmed Shafiq (L), near Cairo's central Tahrir square on May 22, 2012, one day before the country's landmark presidential elections. Buy Marco Longari/AFP/GettyImages)