Mary Remembered

Kerry Kennedy eulogizes her best friend:

Like millions of Americans, Mary suffered from depression. She had it for as long as I knew her, and as it reared up in high school, college and beyond, 120517012227_1079135she fought it back, for a day, a week, a month. These last 6 years or more, she fought it as hard as she knew how.

But that disease was not Mary herself. She was deeply Catholic, and she was an angel. And like the archangel Michael, who battled Satan when he tried to take over Heaven, Mary fought back the demons who were trying to invade the Paradise of her very being. She fought with everything she had. And I think God said to her "Mary, you have been my warrior on the front lines for too long, you have fought valiantly, and now I am bringing you home."

I've lived with depression in my family all my life. It is hard to describe what it robs people of – more, perhaps, than any "physical" ailment or disease. It robs you of life. And if left unchecked, death seems no different. My heart goes out to Mary and her family and friends – and to all those, right now, reading these words, battling the darkness.