The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew blasted the GOP's record on spending as compared to Obama's, worried Romney would be par for the Republican course, linked Mitt's Mormonism to his Ward Cleaver public image,  and hit home the stakes in the marriage equality fight. We saw no real impact on the campaign from Obama's marriage equality announcement, evaluated Obama's line on Bain, figured no one was going to remember what we're talking about now in November anyway, explored the Derb and conservative racial panic, kept up the heat on Obama on marijuana, and laughed at the idea that Hillary would replace Biden as veep.

Andrew also judged Leo Strauss a philosophical "mediocrity" (follow-up here), expressed concerns about John Brennan's targeted killing powers, and extolled online courses. An Iran deal inched closer to reality, Egypt moved towards a historic vote, Obama blanked on an important piece of the Israeli-Palestinian puzzle, and global politics doomed the climate. The Ivies looked a lot like the 1% of universities.

Andrew also grieved over Mary Kennedy and her struggle with depression and engaged with the roots of anti-ginger prejudice. We heard a new perspective on the race/sexual orientation conversation and straight dating exposed latent prejudices about sexuality. Lobsters trailblazed on eternal youth, long days made for poor decisions, food ills worsened, and city animals hid. "Broken windows" policing broke lives, innovation didn't live up to expectations, living at home wasn't terrible, and counterfeiting took real skill. Plywood fascinated, Siri raged, and apocalyptic fiction mainstreamed. Ask Jim Manzi Anything here, Yglesias Award Nominee here, VFYW Contest Winner here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.