McGinniss Down Under

In Australia, the press asks, you know, questions about public officials, rather than covering for them:

Thankfully, no topic was off-limits in this discussion. Crabb brought McGinniss around to the issue of Trigg’s birth. Although McGinniss says he is unable to say for certain whether or not Sarah gave birth to this child, he recounted the "Wild Ride" theory in every detail and concluded that, if in fact she was the birth mother, she is one hellishly reckless "mother." As he described each detail of the "Wild Ride" sequence of events, with the revelation of each new detail, the laughter became louder and louder. So by the end of the story, when he came to the part where she took an hour and a half drive from Anchorage to a basic and ill-equipped Wasilla hospital, the audience was in stitches! The audience left no doubt they believed not one syllable of the story – not one.

What a healthy reaction: pure, incapacitating laughter at the ludicrous stories Palin told.