“It Will Change After The Election, Inshallah”


Anne Applebaum reports from Tripoli on future inflection points beyond the upcoming election:

[W]hile the election will give Libya its first legitimate government in generations, it won't decide everything. The real contest isn't between the 2,000 candidates or the dozen-odd parties, after all, but the constructive and destructive forces within Libyan society. After the voting ends, watch what happens to the talk-show hosts, the refugee advocates and the environmental activists on the one hand, and the militias and the regulators on the other—and you'll have a good idea which way Libya is heading. 

(Photo: Libyan residents of the eastern city of Benghazi celebrate after electing 41 members of the lcoal council on May 21, 2012. Some 414 candidates vied for 41 seats in the council of Benghazi after more than 200,000 citizens registered to vote on May 19. By Abdullah Doma/AFP/GettyImages.)