The View From Your Window


Studio City, California, 12.36 pm

Our reader writes:

This photo is kind of ordinary I know, but I live in a very blue area of the country, and it's just a fact that liberals are squeamish about showing their patriotism. This has always bothered me coming from a military family (I'm a left-leaning moderate myself). At the time of the first Obama campaign, I started festooning our vehicles and house with not only Obama signs and stickers but lots of American flags. My liberal friends asked me about this and I told them that it was a shame to let the right-wingers get away with co-opting the flag of every citizen in the country just for themselves. That we needed to "take back" our flag. They said I was right and started doing the same with flags all over the place.

Every Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veteran's Day (and September 11th), we put out all our flags. Just this morning my liberal neighbor told me how much she loved seeing the flags up and thanked me for my "beautiful patriotism." She said she would remind herself again to go out and buy a flag, we'll see … but from the bluest of the blue places, there are many of us who remember those who serve our country and salute them.